Our Consulting Services

ZP International Group, LLC.

ZP International Group is a joint-venture professional services firm headquartered in Houston, TX, with a partner organization in Shenyang, China.  ZP manages businesses, projects and investments across the U.S. and China. The firm leverages deep partnerships in international real estate, finance, and import/export to meet the unique business needs of its clients and investors.

International Business Advisory

International business is our specialty. Whether you are a large mutlinational company, small business owner, or private investor, ZP International Group will help connect you to the right people, products and opportunities. Our team has deep business and government connections across all seven continents, and has helped organizations and individuals obtain the edge needed to advance their strategic goals. Contact us today and let us help solve your next global challenge.

Import / Export and Market Development

We source suppliers and buyers for products worldwide. Our deep connections in China, the U.S., and Asia help us provide safe and cost-effective channels for importing or exporting new products and supplies. We also perform on-the-ground market research and help align the proper distributors, sales channels and in-country partners to develop your target market. Let us help you find the suppliers and buyers needed for your business to excel.

Professional Sports Investments and Sponsorships

Our firm is deeply connected in U.S. and Chinese professional sports. We help professional sports teams to identify global investors, and to develop marketing capabilities to reach developing markets. We also help to maximize existing sponsor relationships between Chinese investors and U.S. sports. As a proud sponsor of the Houston Rockets, we pride ourselves on being “in the know” with trends in professional sports. Contact us today to see how we can help develop new sponsorships, or maximize your existing international sponsorships.

Real Estate and Immigration Consulting

We help real estate developers match with international investors for their commercial and residential real estate projects. Our partner offices in China and East Africa provide steady streams of potential EB5 and EB2 investors, as well as non-immigration investments. Contact us today to learn how we can match you with global investors.

Financial and Investment Services

We match international investors with investment opportunities and financial services that meet their specific requirements and risk profiles. Let us help match you with the right investment opportunity for your needs.

Staffing and Talent Solutions

We have deep connections with international graduates in the U.S. and China, and help staff U.S. companies with the talent needed for international expansion. Our network of skilled workers provide expertise in emerging markets, marketing, translation services, tech and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help attract the right talent for your needs.

Global Health Care

ZP International has a wide range of connections to leading physicians and medical experts in the U.S. and China. With China and other emerging markets’ increasing demand for expert and cutting-edge healthcare, our firm is perfectly situated to bridge the gap and provide services for foreign nationals seeking healthcare in the U.S. Contact us today to learn how ZP is bringing healthcare patients to the U.S. and also sending American doctors and scholars overseas for increased international collaboration.